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श्री अमित कुमार कयाल

नायब प्रमुख कार्यकारी अधिकृत

Mr. Amit Kumar Keyal has taken over the charge of Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) from September 17, 2022. Prior to this, he had been working in the company as Head of “Business Strategy & Transformation Department”. He is a Chartered Accountant & Finance Professional with around 15 years of experience in Growth Strategy, Business planning & Business expansion roles in various diversified markets in India, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Nepal.

He has large experience in working with Promoters, Board of Directors & Senior Management team on various projects which has helped him expose towards areas like E-commerce startup, Board Advisory Group, Mergers & Acquisitions transactions, Corporate Finance, Business Restructuring, and Planning, Digital Transformation Strategy, Business Process Automation, Corporate Governance and Business Expansion strategy (Organic & Inorganic).

His previous stints were with large billion-dollar conglomerates like Tata Steel (India & Europe), Landmark Group (Dubai) & Pernod Ricard (India) whereby he has contributed through various recommendations and enabled the board & the management to make informed decisions that added value to all the stakeholders keeping in the company’s vision and mission at the core. Currently, he is responsible for strategic decisions within the company which cover areas like financial management, operational management of each value chain of the company & digital transformations.